1. One Voice One Tale (Feminist Theatre Workshop+Audio Drama):

During the pandemic we live in, young women of high school age are one of the groups most affected by quarantine conditions. The project “One Voice One Tale” invites young women to share their current experiences with each other to create visibility for their own stories. Young women create a play script based on their stories in the feminist theatre workshops run by Duygu Dalyanoğlu, a theatre instructor and writer from ‘Boğaziçi Performing Arts Ensemble’.

Eight participants, from the online workshops record the resulting script bilingually in Turkish and Kurdish at their homes after rehearsals. The audio drama is accessible online on YouTube, with sound and music design by Beril Sarıaltun and visual design by Zeycan Alkış.

2. “Justice Corridor” in the theatre play called Now You Have A Trial:


Now You Have a Trial is set at an unknown date in an unknown country; a time and place in which justice is crumbling, and arbitrary decisions override the law. The play, studded with ironic, grotesque and satirical elements, takes us on this journey through the sordid legal universe. Designed , as well as humorous and mocking scenes, the play offers a critical debate on the dusty corridors of the legal system and the world in which we live.  “Justice Corridor” created by recorded sounds from the courthouse and re-sampled with the Ableton’s Sampling Device. 

Episode #6 of K’nın Sesi (Voice of K) – “Herkes Nerede?” (Where is Everybody?):

It is an audio-drama about a woman with Alzheimer’s disease in a senior house and her experience on loss of her best friend. In this episode, I used a sound record an azan (call to prayer from a mosque) and manipulated its original sound to tune in harmony with my composition.