Beril Sarıaltun is a musician, sound designer & producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Political Science and studied in the undergraduate film certificate program at Boğaziçi University. She received a master certificate from Berklee College of Music Electronic Music and Sound Design program. She is a percussionist and highly enthusiastic about digital music production. She has been making sound design and composing music for several projects. She is one of the founders and producers of the record label BGST Records which supports alternative sounds and contemporary approaches in the music industry. Nowadays, she produces a podcast program called K’nın Sesi (Voice of K). On K’nın Sesi you will hear audio-drama plays and conversations based on experiences of women and LGBTQ+s with diverse backgrounds pertaining to class, ethnicity, age, sexuality, ability. She succeeds in designing workshops and courses in several subjects like Fundamentals of Music, Making Music with Ableton Live, and Principles of Rhythm & Percussion. She is the founder of Beats By Girlz Turkey which is a chapter of Beats By Girlz. Beats By Girlz is empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive individuals through music and technology. She also works as the Associate Director of Chapters in Africa, Asia and Europe in Beats By Girlz global team.