As a Podcast Creator

She works as a producer, musician, and sound designer for a podcast show called K’nın Sesi (Voice of K). K’nın Sesi is about raising the voices of women and queers living in Turkey. You will hear audio-drama plays and conversations based on experiences of women and LGBTQ+s with diverse backgrounds pertaining to class, ethnicity, age, sexuality, ability. K’nın Sesi became one of the 20 selected teams selected for the Google Podcasts Creator Program which aims to provide podcasters everywhere with open resources, to empower underrepresented voices, and to showcase new work by providing training, equipment, and funding.

As a Producer

She is one of the founders and producers of the record label called BGST Records. BGST Records started the business to contribute alternative sounds and contemporary approaches to the music industry. With her co-workers from the label, founders of BGST Records, they believe that music is a journey that requires an opportunity for artists to freely compose and share their music. BGST Records are built upon sounds and artists that transcend cultural pre-conceptions and genre specificity. Although it is a newly established record label, collaborating with the BGST Organizations decades of experience it aims to bring new perspectives to the music industry.

As a Sound Designer & Musician

She is a percussionist and highly enthusiastic about digital music production. She received a master certificate from Berklee College of Music Electronic Music and Sound Design program. She succeeds in desgning workshops and courses in several subjects like Fundamentals of Music, Making Music with Ableton Live, and Principles of Rhythm & Percussion. She has been making sound design and composing music for several projects. As a versatile musician, she works in interdisciplinary art forms. You can check her portfolio for further details.

Turkish Rap Music Scene Workshop

Live Performance
Workshop on the Principles of Music, held in Boğaziçi University